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Friday The 13th TV Show Coming To CW

It was recently announced that the long anticipated Friday the 13th TV show is finally happening, and showrunner Steven Long Mitchell claims that the show will be “like the first season of True Detective and Twin Peaks on acid.” The show looks to take a more serious and sophisticated spin on the story[…]

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Official Resident Evil 2 Remake Is Coming.

A few weeks ago, we reported that a small developer was working on a remake of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 called Resident Evil 2 Reborn. Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for fans of the series), Capcom just announced that they are starting work on an official Resident Evil 2 remake in[…]

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The Doctor Returns in September

The 12th Doctor will be entering our timeline again in a little over a month. At least one major character from last series will be reappearing, although the trailer gives away very little in terms of what capacity that character will fill. We will see Daleks and tons of interesting new creatures[…]

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Halo 5 Themed Xbox One Console Announced

At GamesCom 2015, it was announced that the Xbox One would be getting a limited edition 1TB Halo 5: Guardians Spartan Locke-themed console bundle. The Halo 5 bundle includes a Steel Book containing downloads for the full game, Warzone REQ Bundle, FOTUS-class armor, an exclusive multiplayer emblem, a Guardian model by Metal Earth,[…]

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World Of Warcraft: Legion Announced

Blizzard announced some big news at GamesCom 2015 when they announced a new expansion for their hugely popular MMO, World of Warcraft. The new expansion, entitled Legion, will be the 6th expansion released for the game since it’s release and comes with a ton of features including a level cap raise[…]

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Release Date For Quantum Break Finally Set

Developer Remedy Entertainment’s Creative Director Sam Lake took the stage on Tuesday at Microsoft’s GamesCom 2015 conference to showcase their highly-anticipated upcoming game, Quantum Break. One of the most exciting pieces of news from the showcase is the announcement of the release date; April 5th 2016. Quantum Break will be a third-person action[…]

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Hints Dropped About Jurassic World Sequel

With Jurassic World released in theaters a few months ago, it would be extremely surprising if there was already a large portion of work done on a sequel, but with the success of the film, director Colin Trevorrow already has the next movie in the franchise on his mind: I feel like the[…]

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Take Home A Mini-Nuke Today!

Bethesda recently announced that as a lead up to Fallout 4, the would be releasing the Fallout Anthology, which would feature all previous PC installments of the series and come housed in a nice mini-nuke with “audible bomb sound.” Experience the definitive PC collection from the award-winning Fallout® series. Fallout[…]

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Resident Evil 2 Is Reborn On PC

In the last few years, we have seen many fan made video games become very popular and gain quite a following. One game that recently officially made it’s way on to Steam is Black Mesa, which is a complete recreation of the original Half-Life made by The Crowbar Collective. It started out as[…]

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