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FFVII Remake

New Final Fantasy VII Remake Details

In the last few days we have surprisingly got some more details on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, which was only briefly seen in teaser form at its announcement at this year’s E3. First director Tetsuya Nomura said that the battle system would be “drastically different” than the original,[…]

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Halo Wars 2 Announced At Gamescom

During the XBox press event at the Gamescom conference in Germany, there was a surprise announcement that Halo Wars 2, the sequel to the real time strategy game from 2009, would be released for XBox One and Windows 10 in Fall 2016. It even got a fancy announcement trailer. This[…]

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New WoW Expansion Announcement Next Week

Today Blizzard made an announcement on Twitter that on August 6th at 9am PST/Noon EST they will be livestreaming the announcement of the new expansion for their long running MMO World of Warcraft at Gamescom. It’s a somewhat surprising revelation as the last expansion for WoW came out less than[…]

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Witcher 3 Is Getting New Game +

CD Projekt has announced their next and final piece of their planned free DLC for their RPG opus The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  The final DLC will be a New Game + mode, allowing the player to start a new game with all of their earned stats, abilities, and items.[…]

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The Lone Gunmen Live On With X-Files’ Return!

There was some great news for fans of the X-Files, and for the loveable nerdy trio The Lone Gunmen, as it appears they will be returning during the six episode event series coming to Fox in January. This news came from the actor who portrays Langly, Dean Haglund, on Twitter[…]

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