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A Huge Piece of Star Wars Lore Revealed!

This week Marvel’s Star Wars individual series crossed paths in a truly epic way, bringing us a piece of now canon lore that truly made this huge Star Wars fan jump up in excitement. (NOTE: Coming up are HUGE spoilers from this week’s issues of Star Wars #6 and Darth[…]

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FFXV Update Time!

Today Square-Enix held another Active Time Report about the update coming to the demo of Final Fantasy XV (that’s right, an update of a demo) and also shared some more changes that have come from the evolution since it was known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The main change is[…]

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Star Wars Rumor II: Obi-Wan Trilogy?

In the ever interesting world of movie rumors we get a second Star Wars film series rumor in as many days with the word being that Disney is wanting to add not one, but a trilogy of Obi-Wan films to the expanding Star Wars Anthology film series. The rumor also[…]

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MY GOD! A Mini Nintendo Direct Out of Nowhere!!

Usually Nintendo ramps up the hype train for their Nintendo Directs, but not today says the sly House of Mario. Nintendo surprised everyone with a random 17 minute mini-Direct that announced some new 3DS and Wii U games coming to North America. Among the announcements were Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure,[…]

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Silent Hills: Dead or Alive?

What a weird weekend and a continued emotional rollercoaster for the people who loved the Hideo Kojima-Guillermo Del Toro teaser P.T. that were heartbroken when it was killed off by the suddenly insane Konami. After everyone had started to let the internet fire die out over Silent Hills cancellation, a[…]

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Sword Art Online Games Coming to PS4

There was a double dose of news today as it was announced that the previously Vita exclusive Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment was going to be released on PS4 this summer as SAO Re: Hollow Fragment, as well as the news that it’s sequel Sword Art Online: Lost Song will[…]

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Brace Yourself….Bravely Second Is Coming

It’s getting about that time of the year when E3 is right around the corner and trademark filings arise that get the gaming community all fired up. Those lovely geniuses at Square-Enix trademarked Bravely Second today in Europe, which is usually one of the first dominoes to fall when it[…]

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