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Captain America: Civil War Is A Resounding Pay-Off To Years Of Story Development And Fans Will Love It

Captain America: Civil War packs a lot into it’s 2h 27m run time, which, to put into perspective is about 5 minutes longer than The Avengers: Age of Ultron. For all intents and purposes Civil War is the next Avengers film, however without the two heroes with less popular movies in the budget and a need to give ol’ Cap a third film, it didn’t make much sense for Marvel to call Civil War what it actually is

If you’re like me; whom enjoyed the last few Captain America movies but not as much as the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you’ll be relieved to find this film is just as much about Tony Stark and how strong his character finally grows after 5 films. Essentially, Civil War plays to a lot of the same tunes Batman v. Superman did, however what Batman v. Superman lacked in story, Marvel’s had years of character building and plot behind them. The world of the MCU has been host to a growing number of catastrophes since the rise of The Avengers team, a fact that weighs heavily on the characters of the film. Captain America, who characteristically stands for civil liberty and freedom, is pushed to fight for his own liberty when the decision to either work under the United Nation’s direction or retire conflicts with his desire to find and question government enemy assassin and brain-washed friend Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier). Tony Stark is finally the Iron Man we’ve been waiting for him to be, and aims to make the Avengers take responsibility for the collateral damage their existence has caused by pushing the bill that would essentially force The Avengers to get UN approval before taking action against new threats.

Though I came into Civil War rooting for #TeamCap, I found my self switching sides throughout the entire film, which is a huge credit to the writing and direction’s handling of the same complex issues of safety vs liberty we’re facing today. Each side is justified in their own right, making the film’s quarrels more tense and believable.

Civil War makes up for the absence of Thor and The Incredible Hulk in folds, introducing The Black Panther and Spider-Man to the MCU, while also featuring the entire earthly cast of heroes we’ve seen so far. As disjointed as it may seem at times, its a real treat to see them play together. Each Avenger eventually picks a side… or is recruited to one which is where Civil War gets a little wonky and convoluted as it’s not exactly clear why some heroes like Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) are #TeamCap. Spider-Man is even less invested in the conflict, however his execution as the character is superbly handled for being introduced so late in the game. It’s actually quite surreal watching him on screen under Marvel‘s brand after all this time. The Black Panther is equally a champion of Marvel’s brand of character story telling and is an essential player in the films overarching plot. Civil War is not without an actual villain, but its better to discover the details of this for yourself.

Marvel definitely made good on the promises it has made across their multiple film franchises in Civil War, and its surprises are well worth the wait to the very end of the credits. Two characters I never particularly liked (The Winter Soldier, War Machine) really shine their worth in gold thanks to the events of the film, and I was especially pushed to the edge of my seat over some of the reveals near the end that justifies almost every action Tony Stark takes, at least if you’re on #TeamIronMan that is.

If you’re a fan of the MCU, don’t skip Captain America: Civil War, it’s definitely worth your dime. If not, well Civil War relies on a lot of pre-established movies and if those weren’t for you, this movie is the culmination of that dialed to 11.

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