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Season Passes: Not All Are Created Equal

One of the most talked about facets of gaming today is the use of Season Passes for big name titles. Wherein the customer can prepay a certain amount of money for all or the currently announced future DLC for a game. Downloadable content is something all gamers have learned to live[…]

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Finally……..The Final Chapter.

Last week, actress Milla Jovovich posted several pictures from the set of her upcoming film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (see below), and as a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise, I’m…. actually a little stoked for the film. Resident Evil: Apocalypse is my favorite movie of the franchise,[…]

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Hideo’s Emotional Farewell

Metal Gear Solid has, and always will be one of my favorite video game series. I have played through all of the console-released titles numerous times. And while many (whether jokingly or seriously) criticize the game for its quirkiness, “convoluted story” or “overly-long” cutscenes, these are actually a few of[…]

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The Post E3 Blues

Well, it’s officially the week after E3 and I have to say it’s nice to get a break in the action in terms of someone who writes about gaming and all of the biggest stories, but it’s sad as a gamer that we just had weeks of anticipation leading up[…]

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