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The Iron Giant On The Silver Screen Once Again

Yesterday, Warner Bros. Pictures and Fathom Events announced that the 1999 animated film The Iron Giant will be making it’s way back to the big screen this coming fall, as The Iron Giant: Signature Edition for two nights only. This version of the film will feature two additional scenes. The[…]

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han solo

The Next Star Wars Anthology Film: Han Solo!

LucasFilm has announced the next entry in the ongoing Star Wars Anthology film series, as well as the blockbuster directors they have attached to it. The film will be the long rumored solo (pun can’t be avoided) Han Solo film, showing the life of the notorious smuggler before his fateful[…]

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This Is Why Batman Will V Superman Next Year

If you aren’t a huge comic fan or keep up with the stories, you may wonder how and why DC’s two biggest characters would come to blows in next year’s highly anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Luckily for you director Zack Snyder came out and gave the reasoning[…]

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Hail To The King Baby, Ash Williams Returns!

Although we have gotten teasers and titles and bits of information, we there has been no sightings of the man who has fought the Deadites for three centuries. That all changed today with an Entertainment Weekly exclusive first image and article that shows Ash Williams, who is still a proud[…]

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