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Friday The 13th TV Show Coming To CW

It was recently announced that the long anticipated Friday the 13th TV show is finally happening, and showrunner Steven Long Mitchell claims that the show will be “like the first season of True Detective and Twin Peaks on acid.” The show looks to take a more serious and sophisticated spin on the story[…]

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The Doctor Returns in September

The 12th Doctor will be entering our timeline again in a little over a month. At least one major character from last series will be reappearing, although the trailer gives away very little in terms of what capacity that character will fill. We will see Daleks and tons of interesting new creatures[…]

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The Lone Gunmen Live On With X-Files’ Return!

There was some great news for fans of the X-Files, and for the loveable nerdy trio The Lone Gunmen, as it appears they will be returning during the six episode event series coming to Fox in January. This news came from the actor who portrays Langly, Dean Haglund, on Twitter[…]

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The First Ash vs Evil Dead Trailer Has Arrived!

Earlier last week we got our first glimpse as Bruce Campbell returning as Deadite slayer Ash Williams in Starz’s upcoming television series Ash vs Evil Dead, and with the beginning of San Diego Comic-Con we got the first trailer and even a release date! Check it out below: The trailer[…]

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First Trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Special!

It’s been quite a while since we have seen our favorite detective and doctor (non Time Lord that is).  BBC has released a trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Special episode promising that we will be seeing Sherlock and Watson soon…ish.  While the trailer does show off an exciting first look[…]

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Hail To The King Baby, Ash Williams Returns!

Although we have gotten teasers and titles and bits of information, we there has been no sightings of the man who has fought the Deadites for three centuries. That all changed today with an Entertainment Weekly exclusive first image and article that shows Ash Williams, who is still a proud[…]

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