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D23 2015: Kingdom Hearts (Somewhat) Comes To Disney Infinity!

With the final bit of news coming from the video game part of the D23 Expo, Disney announced some new and exciting things for the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0. From new Marvel sets, to the reveals of the first figures from The Force Awakens (Rey & Finn), to a slew of Disney characters from past and upcoming films, the most exciting news to me was the little bit of Kingdom Hearts that finally has made it’s way to the game. Disney recently had a campaign where fans could vote and even write in for who they wanted to see made into a figure for the game next, and although there was massive campaign Sora as of now will not be included. The “ultimate unlock” in Disney Infinity 3.0 though will be Sora’s weapon, the Keyblade!

KH2 Mickey DI

That’s the good news, the sad news to most of us is that all of the attendees of the panel received a power disc for the game that gave Mickey his King Mickey outfit from Kingdom Hearts II. They have already said they will never be sold and within minutes the sleazy people of the world already had them on Ebay for about $1000. A very sad and pathetic ending to an exciting weekend full of news. It’s truly a shame that all of the fans of Kingdom Hearts and Disney Infinity who pushed to have it included are left out because they can’t or don’t have the means to go to these conventions. It makes me extremely disappointed in both Disney and Square-Enix. Needless to say, Disney Infinity 3.0 will be out on August 30th, and 5000 lucky people will be able to play it as the King.

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