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Deadpool teases a trailer for….Deadpool

In what has become common place now a days, 20th Century Fox has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Deadpool film.  In Fox’s defense, this particular trailer is pretty cool staring the 4th wall breaking sociopath making some pretty funny self references and informing fans to ‘prepare your sphincters’ for the red band trailer which drops tomorrow.  Stay tuned to True Geek Radio and we’ll be sure to post the trailer the moment your favorite chimichanga loving super hero decides it’s done cooking.

JJ Samus
Editor in Chief & Host at True Geek Radio
JJ is True Geek Radio's Editor in Chief, but don't tell him that. He still thinks this is DPAD Gaming. Seriously, it's his Twitter handle too! All kidding aside, JJ hosts True Geek Radio, as well as cranks the gears around here. #WeLoveHimSo

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