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Final Fantasy Portal App Hits Android and IPhone

It was a big day for Final Fantasy fans late this week when the Final Fantasy Portal App finally made it’s way to North American phones. Meant to be a one stop shop for all things Final Fantasy, fans can get points for logging in every day, reading news stories, and watching videos which they can in turn use to get digital rewards such as FF wallpapers for their phones or new cards for the biggest addition to the Final Fantasy Portal App, the popular FFVIII card game Triple Triad! The app is free so to play Triple Triad you use crystals, which you can hold 5 of and replenish every half hour, but you can of course pay real money to replenish them if you don’t want to wait.

Another highlight of the release is if you download it now through the end of August, you can download the Portal App’s mobile version of the original Final Fantasy for free! All of this is exciting news for fans of Final Fantasy and especially fans of Triple Triad, as there are almost 400 cards at launch to try to collect of varying rarities that span the entire line of Final Fantasy games. You can also play other people online if you feel like challenging others, but beware you can lose your hard earned cards to them as well! To round it out there are a slew of achievements as well that earn you rare cards only attainable that way, and I just recently got one for getting my 100th win. I love Triple Triad, and still play it when I play FFVIII on my Vita or Steam, as well as in the Gold Saucer on FFXIV, and now wherever I am on my mobile phone. Stay tuned for any and all updates to the Final Fantasy Portal App here on True Geek Radio!

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