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Friday The 13th TV Show Coming To CW

It was recently announced that the long anticipated Friday the 13th TV show is finally happening, and showrunner Steven Long Mitchell claims that the show will be “like the first season of True Detective and Twin Peaks on acid.”

The show looks to take a more serious and sophisticated spin on the story as a crime thriller. Friday the 13th will take place in Crystal Lake, a now booming and wealthy community, long after the series’ serial killer antagonist Jason Vorhees is presumed dead. The show will actually take place in universe where the Friday the 13th films exist, made after the murders took place.  Showrunner Steven Long Mitchell expounded on his excitement for the direction of the show will take.

“Part of the fun of the show is exploring, ‘is this Jason or is this a copycat? Is it possible that Jason has been around all these years? Is Jason a monster? Is he real? Is he a serial killer?’ And really exploring who and what Jason is, is part of the whole thrill of the show.”

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