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Hail To The King Baby, Ash Williams Returns!

Although we have gotten teasers and titles and bits of information, we there has been no sightings of the man who has fought the Deadites for three centuries. That all changed today with an Entertainment Weekly exclusive first image and article that shows Ash Williams, who is still a proud owner of a chainsaw hand and still kicking major ass with a smug smile on his face. When the new TV series debuts on Starz this fall, Ash vs. Evil Dead, we will find out what Ash has been up to all of these years since we last saw him travel through time fighting the hordes of the Necronomicon.

So what do we know about those years so far? Apparently he is still a lowly stock clerk no longer at S-Mart, but at Value Stop, and is flanked in the image by his fellow employees Pablo and Kelly who undoubtedly never believed Ash and his crazy stories until they are thrown headfirst into the fight against the Deadites. And as any fan of the series can tell you, if there is any question of how the Deadites have returned, it’s usually Ash’s own doing. This is confirmed by Sam Raimi himself, Evil Dead creator and director of the first episode. I for one cannot wait to see how Ash does it, and then bumbles his way awesomely until the Deadites are again defeated. You can read the entire article here.


Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

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