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Hello (Again) World

Hello True Geeks!

Gosh, If feels good typing that again. As I sit here fading in-and-out in my half-asleep stupor while tapping out this very important, long-time-coming letter, I can’t help but reminisce on all the trials behind us. Everyone was anguished by our former server host’s unceremonious and accidental hard delete on what was the strongest running time in True Geek Radio’s history. We had worked so hard, and created so much to be proud of. The loss was like a kick in the face, but hey… maybe that’s just what we needed.

Fast forward to today, and I couldn’t be more proud to say that husk of our former glory is no longer needed. Set upon me by a race to OMNI EXPO 2015, countless all-night coding, design and detective work has paid off. It is with great honor that I present this thing…

The thing this is posted on…

Welcome to the new!

Grant Garrison
Producer & Brand Manager at True Geek Radio
Grant is True Geek Radio's resident producer, designer, and capricious show starter. He makes us look good, really good. He's also an avid gamer, designer and technologist and enjoys spending too much time thinking worrying about TGR.

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