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Great Scott

Great Scott Marty! Lexus claims to have created the hoverboard.

Automotive manufacturer Lexus has released a teaser video claiming to have created the first true hoverboard.  In opposition to the Kickstarter backed Hendo boards which need a metallic surface to operate, Lexus is claimed to have created the true skateboard replacement.  In the short teaser the company released, they show a skateboarder transitioning from a skateboard to a Lexus embossed smoking hoverboard where the video cuts.  Their brief website has dubbed this design the ‘SLIDE’ and claims the board utilizes magnetic levitation to achieve frictionless movement.  The site goes on to claim that:

“Liquid nitrogen cooled super conductors and permanent magnets combine to allow Lexus to create the impossible.”

Lexus goes on to tout the board’s design showing off the bambo deck with the company logo in the center.  Utilizing the hashtag #LexusHover, Lexus is promising to deliver new images and video of the project weekly.

With October 21st quickly approaching, our society is on a direct collision path with a butterfly effect if we don’t achieve what the fabled soothsayer Martin “Calvin Klein” McFly foretold.  The video screams pre-rendered idea, but we’ll give Lexus the benefit of the doubt in this case, mostly because we really want to see a functioning hoverboard.

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