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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay To Premiere At D23 Japan!

The recent D23 event in California recently ended and while everyone was hyped by the fact that Kingdom Hearts was advertised to be there in a big way for the first time, most were disappointed that the only announcement for KH3 was the inclusion of a new world, Big Hero 6. The announcement itself was exciting but the fact there was no gameplay, only a single piece of concept art, and no hint of a release date was a big letdown for fans. Yet most Kingdom Hearts fans know the vast majority of the updates would be revealed at Japan’s own D23 event, which takes place the first week of November. Not only will Kingdom Hearts be there, but it has its own special fan event with exclusive merchandise, and the next look at some unique gameplay.

This reveal along with the fanfare surrounding the event gives more and more credence to the rumor that there will be an announcement of a release date. The news is that Nomura and Square-Enix internally have a release window set, but are waiting to announce it, and what better place to do it than their own country’s Disney extravaganza? I’m sure the release date won’t be an exact day, but more of a broad window, more than likely Holiday 2016. Let’s hope these rumors are true and no delays hit a game a decade in the making and remember to come to True Geek Radio for all of your Kingdom Hearts news!

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