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OUYA Acquired By Razor

After hearing rumblings last month, Razor announced yesterday in an official press release that the company has officially acquired OUYA Software Assets.  After becoming a Kickstarter darling in 2013, OUYA, the Android based home gaming console, quickly fell onto hard times when the final product was released to the masses. The company also struggled maintaining its momentum and went relatively dormant in the previous months.  Razor will be migrating the OUYA store front by bringing OUYA users into Razor’s new ecosystem for their own Android micro console, the Forge TV.  Current OUYA users will have the current store front relaunched as ‘Cortex’, the same destination as the Forge TV.  This will be the official death of the OUYA hardware as Razor has no interest in continuing the line, though it will retain the name for future Android based endeavors.  Forge TV is the direction that Razor is moving forward with but Android now has a pre-established user base for their platform.  Can they make the Android system gain a foothold where so many others have failed?  Only time will tell.

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