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EXCLUSIVE: Our own Grant Garrison leaving TGR to pursue My WiiNR

Our very own Grant Garrison is leaving TGR to launch his very first start-up and Kickstarter project! Say hello to My WiiNR!

My WiiNR is a breakthrough disruptive technology, enabling users to experience interactive tactile feedback like never before. We’re so excited to be announcing this news as everyone at True Geek Radio is very close to Grant and can’t wait to see him and “His” WiiNR in action!

Open letter from Grant’s Facebook page:


It is with great stride that I’ve decided to leave TGR to pursue ventures as an entrepreneur in the tech start-up world!

I’ve been working on something pretty surreal on the side for quite some time, and I’m super excited to announce the launch of My WiiNR, a disruptive new technology that will revolutionize the way you feel and experience entertainment.

I’ve never been more excited about something in my entire life, which is how I knew I had to do this.

To my brethren at True Geek Radio, leaving you is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but you’re a bunch of assholes, so deal with it- My WiiNR is more important. If it doesn’t work out, well… I hope you’ll still have place here for me there tomorrow, but in the mean time, I love you all, you’ve given me so much, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world (aside from this one thing, this thing is going to change the world and make me famous.)

So until I see you again, fare well, wish me luck, and for the love of god don’t forget to enable studio mode in Google Hangouts.

– Grant