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Starcraft II LOTV

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void release date!

Starcraft fans! Rejoice! Clear your schedule because November 10th Artanis and his Protoss brethren are warping in to take back what’s theirs. The single-player campaign will have the player taking control of various Protoss tribes making allies and pushing through to defeat Amon, the Xel’naga mastermind. As for the multiplayer there will be new modes, automated tournaments and various tweaks to existing units.

The new modes in Legacy of the Void look extremely fun. First up is Archon mode, in which allies share control over forces for 2v2 battles. This is great if you want to teach your friend how to play or to just play SC2 without wanting to feel nearly as stressed about micromanaging the whole army by yourself. The other mode is Allied Commanders. In this mode you find yourself taking control of one of the many leaders in the Starcraft II universe. You and a friend can take on cooperative missions and level up your commanders in the process gaining access to powerful upgrades and units to use in this mode.

Along with the new single player and multiplayer modes, there will also be several new units for the three factions.  Among the new units, the Protoss are gaining the Adept and the Disruptor. The Adept is equipped with a mighty Glaive Cannon and psionic transfer which allows them to project an invulnerable image of their body and teleport to it’s location. The Disruptor goes into an invulnerable state which afterwards releases a destructive blast and is mainly used for taking out groups of enemy’s quickly.

Meanwhile the Terran are getting new land and air units. The Cyclone is the land unit which locks on to a target and shoots missiles at it while moving. Quite a kiting machine. The Liberator is the air unit which has the potential to deal massive splash damage to targets in the air and on the ground but in order to hit the enemy’s on the ground you must switch stances and become immobile.

The Zerg are getting an evolution of the roach called the Ravager. The Ravager spits out plasma at ground targets, while also launching a ball of bile at targets that can also destroy Protoss force fields. The Lurker is the other zerg unit coming into play. The Lurker deals splash damage and with its extreme capabilities, it out-ranges most units and all base structures.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will be available worldwide November 10th, 2015.

Aaron Jones
Aaron finds himself playing many Blizzard games in his free time such as Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and Diablo 3

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