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TGS 2015: Capcom Announces Team-Based “Umbrella Corps”

The newest addition to Capcom’s Resident Evil series was announced today at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show convention in the form of Umbrella Corps; a new competitive multi-player team-based shooter.

The gameplay will feature quick-paced competitive matches taking place amid zombies who, if used correctly, will act as more that just foes in this game. The trailer shows a player using a zombie tactically as a human shield to block incoming shots from an enemy player.

Umbrella Corps will feature multiple playable modes, one of which fans can try out on the TGS show floor this year. This mode, titled “One Life Match,” has opposing teams working against each other, trying to be the first to eliminate the other before players run out of their (as the title states) single life.

While most likely not part of the official Resident Evil story line, Umbrella Corps looks to be an exciting edition to the franchise.

Umbrella Corps will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC platforms in early 2016, with a price tag of $29.99

Ian’s Take:

I love Resident Evil and if I’m going to be honest, my interest is slightly piqued with this title. Capcom recently announced that they were remaking the classic Resident Evil 2 from the ground up, and both game announcements seem to be smart moves (from a sales perspective) for the company.

Capcom knows that third-person competitive shooters sell, and Umbrella Corps seems like a move to please the fans of the series who prefer the more action oriented installments of the franchise. Remaking Resident Evil 2 is an act of good grace to the hardcore fans of the series, and the fact that Umbrella Corps has a price tag of $29.99 might even convince some fans of the classic games to trust Capcom and give the game a fair shot, for what it is.

I’m looking at Umbrella Corps with an open mind, and as a huge fan of the early installments in the Resident Evil series, I’m very interested to give this game a try.

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