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The Lone Gunmen Live On With X-Files’ Return!

There was some great news for fans of the X-Files, and for the loveable nerdy trio The Lone Gunmen, as it appears they will be returning during the six episode event series coming to Fox in January. This news came from the actor who portrays Langly, Dean Haglund, on Twitter who confirmed that The Lone Gunmen would be back amid rumors that the group may also return. The group was so popular at one time they got their own series, which unfortunately only lasted one season after it was cancelled due to low ratings.

No one knew if the conspiracy theorists Langly, Frohike, and Byers would return because The Lone Gunmen were actually killed off in an episode of The X-Files in Season 9, but in the ongoing comic series that was dubbed Season 10, it was found out that the Gunmen had faked their own death so that they could continue their crusades uninhibited. This then opened the door for their return when the X-Files was announced for its own revival. This is just another reason I can’t wait until my favorite show comes back to television.


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